Backstreet’s back, alright?


The Backstreet Boys.  Well that’s a blast from the past right there…

The boy band’s name surely weaves a path down memory lane for most American girls who are now into their upper teens and early twenties.  I myself remember the hours that my girlfriends and I would pass practically daily, belting out the lyrics to “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” and then of course making up our “dance moves” to “Larger than Life” off of the Millennium album.  Those days will not soon be forgotten.

The other day however, my roommate was blasting the tunes of “It’s Gonna be Me,” off of No Strings Attached by Backstreet’s rivals, ‘N Sync.  After joining in with my roommate on the chorus, she proceeded to confess to me her devout following of Justin Timberlake (former lead singer of ‘N Sync) and his boys, contrary to my adoration of the Backstreet Boys.  SO there it is, every American girl growing up in the 90s and early 2000s was either a Backstreet Boys girl or an ‘N Sync girl.

In honor of tableau’s “Spring Cleaning” issue (which will be released Thursday, March 15th, I have decided to do a little comparison of the two hit boy bands, so let’s break out those old albums…

what are your thoughts?


About madie m.

Hello, my name is Madie. I'm a born and raised Norfolkian, took the popular public school route, (Larchmont Elementary , Blair Middle, Maury High) and am currently finishing up my Second year at the University of Virginia. In Charlottesville I am involved in many media extracurricular activities including writing for the Arts and Entertainment section of UVa's Cavalier Daily and a morning news broadcaster on one of the area's most popular radio stations, 92.7 KISS FM. I am currently majoring in French and Economics at the University and minoring in Media Studies. I love learning about the happenings of new technologies as well as new music. I think it's incredibly important that we all keep up to date with the rapid developments of the technological world so as not to find ourselves lost in the dust. But if you're not into searching the tech sections of news sites and other sites like and, no worries, that's what I'm here for. Just check out my latest "digital trend" and you should be safe. Apart from the music and tech scene, I enjoy running, practicing yoga, cooking French cuisine, and doing whatever else might give me a laugh on any given day!

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