No mom, it’s “tweeting, not twittering”…


Today, March 21st marks the 6th birthday of the first ever tweet on Twitter, which was sent out into the world by the social networking site’s founder Jack Dorsey.  The tweet simply read “just setting up my twttr,” no tags or hashtags.  The site has come a long way since it’s birth six years ago, totaling about 175 million registered users.  The hashtags made popular by the site have wiggled their way into many aspects of celebrity culture, Facebook posts, and even into many peoples’ everyday language.

On a side note, despite the site’s immersion into our world, somehow some adult users still haven’t caught on to all of the social networking site’s lingo… I definitely had to correct my mother the other day, an elected government official who definitely releases more tweets than I do myself, when she said she was “twittering a lot yesterday!”  Great mom, but not quite.

However, regardless of whether you know whether to refer to what one does on the site as “twittering or tweeting,” today marks the celebration of an important date in our digital and sharing history.  So Happy Birthday Twitter!

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Hello, my name is Madie. I'm a born and raised Norfolkian, took the popular public school route, (Larchmont Elementary , Blair Middle, Maury High) and am currently finishing up my Second year at the University of Virginia. In Charlottesville I am involved in many media extracurricular activities including writing for the Arts and Entertainment section of UVa's Cavalier Daily and a morning news broadcaster on one of the area's most popular radio stations, 92.7 KISS FM. I am currently majoring in French and Economics at the University and minoring in Media Studies. I love learning about the happenings of new technologies as well as new music. I think it's incredibly important that we all keep up to date with the rapid developments of the technological world so as not to find ourselves lost in the dust. But if you're not into searching the tech sections of news sites and other sites like and, no worries, that's what I'm here for. Just check out my latest "digital trend" and you should be safe. Apart from the music and tech scene, I enjoy running, practicing yoga, cooking French cuisine, and doing whatever else might give me a laugh on any given day!

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