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Facebook Now Has 901M Users.


Facebook announced earlier today that it has reached 901 million active monthly users.  The site projected to reach the 1 billion mark by the end of 2012, and with the ever increasing numbers, this should be no tough feat.

Facebook Now Has 901M UsersTwitter currently follows Facebook as the largest social network in the world with user numbers reaching over 500 million.  However, only 140 million of these users are reported as active.




Facebook takes another step up in the race to digital dominance of our lives


In its quest to become the “platform of our lives” Facebook further expanded its realm of digital control today through acquiring Instagram in a $1 billion deal.

Facebook acquires Instagram in class="alignright"  billion deal –

Currently the latest obsession in iphone apps, Instagram is a tool where people can take pictures instantly using different filters to make them look like they were taken in the 60s or with a Polaroid.

In the words of Mark Zuckerberg, the acquisition of Instagram “is an important milestone for Facebook, because it’s the first time [Facebook] has ever acquired a product and company with so many users.”

It is not likely that Facebook will ever make up the ridiculous amount of money that they have put into the Instagram deal, but analysts are viewing the move as “defensive.”  Not only this decision to knock Instagram our of the ring defensive to other photo sharing sites and applications, since Facebook’s only principle photo sharing, but the move is yet another rise against the other major technological leaders (namely Google, Apple, and Microsoft) to become the “go to” tool for all of our everyday activities.

Although Instagram is not likely to go through many changes under its new owner, photos taken will now be tied with the Facebook name.  So hmm… new book title, “The Facebookization of Everything?”  @sivavaid

Now there’s an idea.

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