Charlottesville summer music scene delivers | The Cavalier Daily.

In honor of the Summer preview issue, I decided to give all the Hoos an outlook on the summer musi

c scene in the 434.  Now we all should be able to find a fair excuse to stick around town or at least come back for a visit!





Not ‘thneed’-ed: ‘The Lorax’ falls flat | The Cavalier Daily.

Dreamwork’s take on Dr. Seuss’ classic look at environmentalism falls a bit below our child-reminiscent expectations.  Perhaps it was all of the singing…

Not ‘thneed’-ed: ‘The Lorax’ falls flat | The Cavalier Daily

Battle of the boy bands | The Cavalier Daily.

Backstreet Boys v. *NSYNC the debate that shall never reach a resolution.

New HBO drama confuses viewers | The Cavalier Daily. HBO’s new show Luck, which premiered in late 2011, brings the complications of gambling and horse racing to the screen. created by David Milch.

New HBO drama confuses viewers | The Cavalier Daily

Labor of love | The Cavalier Daily. ABC’s Fall 2011 comedy series focuses on the characters of Reagan and Chris, played by Christina Applegate and Will Arnett (condoned by many as the to funniest people on television at the moment) and their life with new baby Amy.

Portugal. The Man visits Charlottesville | The Cavalier Daily.

Alt-Rock band performed at the Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville last Fall, hyping the crowd with their creative fusion tones and an inventive set.

New face for social network | The Cavalier Daily.

In September 2011 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the development of a new feature for the soc

ial network called “timeline”.  Due to simlpe accessibility for users to access all of others’ actions on Facebook stretching back to the beginning of a person’s time on the site, many users fear the site has reached a whole new level of “stalkerbook”…

My Favorite Local Band: Major & the Monbacks | AltDaily : Creating and celebrating local culture in Norfolk and all of Hampton Roads.

Major & the Monbacks a local band who formed some five years ago in their High School years play a mix of covers and originals ranging from Marvin Gaye soul to Cee-Lo Green’s “F**k You,” performed last summer at the Norva in Downtown Norfolk.


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