I REFUSE to use this thing called “email”… Really??


Pinterest is a child, Twitter is a teen, and Facebook is probably into it’s college grad as far as social networking sites and our means of communication are concerned.  Email however, is one of the elderly.  What I mean to convey is that email is NOT a new technology.  Therefore, it most assuredly would seem incomprehensible for anyone who has the means to access, if not to own, a computer to not have an email address.  However, ONE delegate in the Virginia House of Representatives  Johnny S. Joannou refuses to create an email account.  He only accepts and sends telephone calls and written letters (um this is called “snail” mail)…

Dude, it is 2012.  The world is going to end and you won’t even have created an email address, REALLY??  Well, okay perhaps the Mayan predictions will not come true this year, but you will still continue to greatly inconvenience people?

I’m not sure how a person of reasonable power like this man uphold his position to his townspeople as well as the other 139 delegates in the House.

How does this work?


Invisible Children’s CEO responds to KONY 2012 criticisms


CEO of Invisible Children, Ben Keesey responds in this video to criticisms of the Invisible Children organization and the KONY 2012 campaign after the viral spread of the video.  Keesey claims the organization runs on three main foundations 1. Media, 2. Advocacy, and 3. Development.  He answers many of the questions viewers of the KONY 2012 video have raised in an effort to clear any muddled air.  Keesey definitely hits some popular points of concern in this video, including the distribution of the organization’s finances; however, it appears that the group many have a limited focus…

Yes, perhaps finding and ridding the world of Joseph Kony would help the situation of child abduction and war in Africa, but this is not just an issue in Uganda… nor does the fault lie solely in the hands of the Kony’s Rebel Army (the LRA), corrupt governments are also greatly to blame for the exact same faults.  Sure, Joseph Kony is an evil man, but the KONY 2012 campaign makes it seem as though by capturing this one man, the child soldier epidemic will end.  This is not the case.

What are your thoughts?….

Thank you, KONY 2012 Supporters on Vimeo on Vimeo

Live Nation expands even further.


Live Nation who merged with Ticketmaster back in 2010 to create Live Nation Entertainment, giving its users “more options than ever to enjoy live events” (http://www.ticketmaster.com/h/about_us.html)… or did that really just give the company more control over ticket pricing, and in fact less options for concert-goers?  Either way, the concentrated ticket powerhouse has now purchased yet another music company to add to it’s repertoire, setlist.fm the ‘wiki-like’ website where users can collect and share musical artists’ setlists… ‘all for free!’  Seems like a reasonable enough addition to the Live Nation fam, right?  The way I see it, the purchase of setlist.fm provides a way for Live Nation to see what musicians people are most interested and perhaps they hope to use this knowledge to expand and deepen their concert options?  I’d be alright with that.


Live Nation Buys Setlist.fm | Rolling Stone | Rolling Stone.

Backstreet’s back, alright?


The Backstreet Boys.  Well that’s a blast from the past right there…

The boy band’s name surely weaves a path down memory lane for most American girls who are now into their upper teens and early twenties.  I myself remember the hours that my girlfriends and I would pass practically daily, belting out the lyrics to “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” and then of course making up our “dance moves” to “Larger than Life” off of the Millennium album.  Those days will not soon be forgotten.

The other day however, my roommate was blasting the tunes of “It’s Gonna be Me,” off of No Strings Attached by Backstreet’s rivals, ‘N Sync.  After joining in with my roommate on the chorus, she proceeded to confess to me her devout following of Justin Timberlake (former lead singer of ‘N Sync) and his boys, contrary to my adoration of the Backstreet Boys.  SO there it is, every American girl growing up in the 90s and early 2000s was either a Backstreet Boys girl or an ‘N Sync girl.

In honor of tableau’s “Spring Cleaning” issue (which will be released Thursday, March 15th, I have decided to do a little comparison of the two hit boy bands, so let’s break out those old albums…

what are your thoughts?

Official Trailer: Girl Walk // All Day on Vimeo


Movie inspired by Greg Gillis’, known to his fans as mash-up DJ ‘Girl Talk‘ latest album All Day.

Playing at the Jefferson Theater on Saturday, March 24th!

Be sure to get your ticket since they’re only $5 bucks…

Warning, this might make you just really want to dance. (thankfully the showing is followed by a DANCE PARTY

Official Trailer: Girl Walk // All Day on Vimeo on Vimeo

via Official Trailer: Girl Walk // All Day on Vimeo.